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2022.12.04 Treasurer’s Report and Budget Proposal for December meeting

2022.11.04 Interim treasurer’s report through October

2023 Budget Proposal (1) – Budget Proposal October 2022

2022.09.05 Interim treasurer’s report through August

2022.08.03 Interim treasurer’s report through July

June 20, 2022 Meeting Minutes

2022.07.01 Interim treasurer’s report through June


Guidelines for Reimbursement

2022.06 Treasurer’s Report for June meeting

April 2022 Nassau County GSR Meeting Minutes

2022.05.07 Interim treasurer’s report through April

2022.04 Treasurer’s Report for April meeting

February Nassau County GSR Meeting Minutes

2022.01 Treasury Report for February meeting  and 2022.03.23 Interim treasurer’s report

November Treasurer’s 2021 Report

GSR Meeting Minutes Oct 2021

Treasurer’s Report – September 2021 Report with proposed 2022 budget

GSR Meeting Minutes August 2021 – GSR Meeting Minutes (3)

Financial Report July 2021 – End of July 2021 Report

GSR Meeting Minutes June 2021 – GSR Meeting Minutes (1)

GSR Meeting Minutes April 2021 – May 2021 Report

March 2021 Report

GSR Meeting Minutes 2-15-21

f-26correctcorrespondence – Corrections Correspondence Pamphlet


NGSG Guidelines for Committee Chairs ADOPTED 12-21-2020

NGSG – Suggested Officer Qualifications & Responsibilities ADOPTED 12-21-2020

GS Tres. Rep.2020 – Budget

NGSG Resources for GSRs, DCMs, DCMC

NGSG How we Run Our Meetings

NGSG Committee Guidelines

NGSG Guidelines for Committee Chairs

NGSG DCMC & Alternates

NGSG Standing Committee Chairs

2023.01 Treasurers Report end of January Updated