How to Set Up a Virtual Zoom Meeting For Your Group

Reposting An Email from NY Intergroup that provides great information on how to host a remote meeting for your group FREE OF CHARGE using an AA ZOOM ROOM

March 23, 2020: Covid-19 Update: Remote Meetings & A.A. Zoom Room

Please note we recommend that all groups close per the P.A.U.S.E. Government Guidelines put into place last nght.
 A.A. is not an essential business, and therefore WILL be broken up by police if they continue to meet. We’ve already had multiple reports of this happening. PLEASE, FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY, DO NOT GO TO A.A. MEETINGS. We need to keep our Fellowship safe, regardless of our age.

* We are rolling out a free of charge A.A. Zoom Room’ this week, so A.A. groups can continue their regular meetings remotely with our assistance . We have upgraded our account to the Enterprise Plus edition, which enables us to host 500 A.A. Meetings per hour with up to 300, 500, or 1,000 participants per A.A. meeting. We will personally supply a Admin user ID to access our account for each group / meeting.  Additionally, we will ensure Privacy and Anonymity settings are in tact. If you’d like to add your group to our ‘A.A. Zoom Room’, please fill out the form here.

* If your group has already launched a free, (or paid) Zoom account, you can switch over to our account free of charge, and cancel your group’s personal Zoom account so you can be hosted by ours.

*We will not be involved in your groups meeting(s) in any way, other than to provide the technology, free of charge. Your meetings will continue as usual–we’ll just provide the Zoom Access for you and your group members to continue your meetings at their regular dates and times. We also will have our settings set to the strongest privacy option; meaning your anonymity is guaranteed to be protected.

* I’m just a member. How can I access these groups / meetings?
All groups will be listed on our soon to be reformatted Remote Meeting page. All you’ll have to do is click on the Zoom link, or dial in by telephone, for the meeting you’d like to join. Each group will also have the ability to upload their meeting format, or any other information they’d like to provide on their own zoom page, such as 7th tradition options for your own group.

* For a comprehensive list of Remote A.A. meetings, click here. Hundreds are coming in, so please use this as a resource to stay in touch with the fellowship.

Note: We will be updating this list in the coming day to be organized by time, in a new format, so it is easier for everyone to find a meeting when they need it. 7th tradition options will be available for your group, in addition to uploading a script or posting detailed information. 

*If you’d like to add your group to this list of remote meetings, please fill out this form, and your group will be automatically updated to our list of remote A.A. meetings. 

Thank you for your continued patience. We are a team of four supporting many groups at once.
Support Page
Keep an eye out for updates on our support documentation.
We’re looking for someone experienced with creating instructions to help us document various tasks that AAs need to know to use Zoom for meetings.
Enter your group name as the first name on your account.
Log into your account and it is listed on the profile page along with a link you can cut and paste.
When inquiring about your Zoom account please include the email address you signed up with and the group name, so that we may efficiently serve you.
If you received an Activation Email and it asked you if you wanted to switch, be advised the transition takes about 24 hours. It is seamless, you may continue to use the existing account and your Personal Meeting ID.
Check that you’re listed.
View Meeting Listings
Add your group if you’re not listed
Add Your Listing Here

* New York Inter-Group will continue to offer help via telephone and chat to those in need of a meeting, or simply someone to talk to if you’re struggling right now. Call us at 212-647-1680 between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. or visit our homepage at to chat with someone who can help.

* If you are willing to help us keep the phones and web-chat on during this difficult period, please fill out the form here and you will be added to our emergency contact list.  **One year of continuous sobriety required to answer phones or chat.

*If you have signed up to be of service, please visit our volunteer reference page to be oriented. We will be in touch with a shift.

* If you would like to submit a group closure, please fill out the form here, and we will add it to our comprehensive list of group closures listed here. For a comprehensive list of AA Meeting closures, click here.

* We hope you can stay in touch with our local fellowship as much as possible during this difficult time. Refer to our website for the most up to date resources on meeting closures, access to conference call meetings, internet meetings, and Zoom meetings, an A.A. meeting script, a tutorial on Privacy / Anonymity settings in Zoom, in addition to our very own A.A. Zoom Room for those who would like us to host you ourselves, free of charge.