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Volunteer To Host Zoom Meetings

Ever wonder how those amazing Zoom meetings you attend actually happen?

The Platform Committee for the Virtual Northeast Regional AA Service Assembly (NERAASA) 2021 needs your help!

We are looking for volunteers to assist hosting Zoom meetings & webinars. Experience hosting your home group, committee or district meeting is suggested.

Hosting Zoom meetings is letting people in from the waiting room, confirming attendees are in the right place, enabling features such as polling if needed by the chair, moderator, or presenter, monitoring the room for bombers, any rude or inappropriate behavior and responding as quickly as possible, and any other technical issues that might arise from attendees.

Based on your current service position, you will be placed in the appropriate roundtable room so that you can also benefit from the NERAASA experience. Training will be provided by our outsourced production company. You are never alone!

Please contact John D.

Volunteer Request Tech NERAASA 2021

Updated: Documents Under Review For Next Meeting…By-Law and Committee Chair Proposals and Budget

A collection of our organizational documents which are currently under review by the By-Laws Committee.

NCGS Tres. Rep.2020 – Budget

NGSG Guidelines Committee Chairs PROPOSED 11-11-20


NGSG Resources for GSRs, DCMs, DCMC

NGSG How we Run Our Meetings

NGSG Committee Guidelines

NGSG Guidelines for Committee Chairs

NGSG DCMC & Alternates

NGSG Standing Committee Chairs

NGSG The Third Legacy Procedure

Delegate’s Questionnaire 2020 (deadline extended to May 10)

A kind reminder to complete the Delegate’s Questionnaire and submit to your home group GSR so that we can incorporate your feedback and make this an organization that works for everyone!

You can Access the Questionnaire Here: Delegate’s Questionnaire 2020

Please contact the Nassau DCMC with any  questions at