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A service sponsor is a person who takes on the role of guide to the person new to service, sharing experience, strength and hope in service. It is a long-term relationship, usually initiated at the request of the member to be so sponsored. The relationship is one which can provide the experience of a shared journey in carrying the message to the still-suffering alcoholic.

A good overview on service sponsorship may be found in the pamphlet, Questions and Answers on Sponsorship, pages 25- 27.  There it is suggested that, “A service sponsor is usually someone who is knowledgeable inAA history and has a strong background in the service structure.”

In selecting a service sponsor . . . try to find someone whose service attitudes, experience and style he or she admires. It is always helpful to remember that we have three legacies, and that recovery through the Twelve Steps and unity through the Twelve Traditions are equal sides to theAA triangle.  Service in conformity with the Twelve Concepts should always be seen as closely related to recovery and unity. So, one question to ask in selecting a service sponsor ,is whether you admire the recovery and adherence to the Traditions shown by the prospective sponsor.

The same attitudes necessary for a GSR should be present in a prospective service sponsor: courage, self-humor, and emotional maturity. A service sponsor should be as kind, non-judgmental and willing to share as a recovery sponsor would be with a newcomer.”   – from: Service Handbook and Articles of Association and By-Laws SouthEastern New York Area Committee and Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous (Area49) Eleventh Revision, January 2013, Updated to 2019.

The Nassau County General Service Committee has a Service Sponsorship Committee to help GSRs, District Chairs (DCMs), and Alternates find a local Service Sponsor and learn about General Service structure operations, and responsibilities.

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The Service Sponsorship Committee is also responsible for educating GSRs, DCMs, and Alternates about their commitment, role, and resources to help them represent their group and learn our Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of Service.