2 Min – Please Take Our Accessibility Survey (Easier Format)

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When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there. And for that: I am responsible.

The responsibility declaration says it all.  As AA members, each of us is responsible for ensuring that AA is accessible to every alcoholic everywhere.  Whether we serve as coffee maker or trustee, this is the definition of what it means to be of service.

The pandemic has been a challenge, but also an opportunity, since it has made all AA members aware that accessibility can be an issue and concern for anyone and everyone.  AA can leverage that opportunity to put technological solutions in place to address those concerns. As Billy N (past trustee) said at the closing of the recent Eastern forum – “sometimes AA needs a kick in the ass….The silver lining of covid is the effect upon AA  ..It shouldn’t have taken a pandemic…  We pushed back hard on technology for years”. There are many things that could be done, but it would be advantageous to get a better understanding of what AA members think should be done.  Please complete the following survey so we can obtain a broad perspective on the best approaches and priorities for leveraging technology to enable all members, especially those physically challenged, home bound, elderly or otherwise compromised, to attend meetings, obtain information, and carry the message of recovery.

Please send your completed survey to Accessibilities   Chair :        


1.  Do you think the Accessibility Committee should coordinate with GSRs, groups and AA members to address issues with access that can be addressed through technological solutions   Yes           No

2.  Should the Accessibility Committee work to research, test, pilot and recommend best tools and practices for virtual meetings ie. Zoom, Google Meet etc ;   Yes      No

3.  Should the Accessibility Committee research, test, pilot, recommend  and provide access to virtual meetings for anyone who is unable to attend physical meetings, including the  elderly, home bound, ill, or other members?     Yes        No

4.  Should the Accessibility Committee research, test, pilot, recommend  and provide an American Sign Language(ASL) interpreted virtual meeting for members with hearing issues? Yes        No

5.  Should the Accessibility Committee research, recommend and  provide free mp3/audio versions of the Big Book, 12&12 and other AA literature to members with visual impairments?           Yes        No

6.  Should the Accessibility Committee research, recommend and  provide guidance for attending virtual meetings by phone for members with visual impairments?    Yes        No

7.  Should the Accessibility Committee research, document and recommend best practices for ensuring that both virtual and physical meetings are safe and secure places for all participants?  Yes        No

8.  Should the Accessibility Committee work with Bridging the Gap committee  to enable alcoholics in institutions to communicate and access virtual meetings in the communities to which they will be released?    Yes        No

9.  Should the Accessibility Committee research and document methods to serve as a hub/seed funder(in order to achieve economies of scale/cost reduction, and facilitate shared technology resources, guidelines, and experience to leverage technology to enable access to AA for anyone who reaches out for help?    Yes        No

10,  Should the Accessibility Committee develop resiliency plans to ensure that AA within Nassau remains accessible during emergencies such as the pandemic and hurricanes?    Yes        No


Would you be interested in helping with this effort?  If so please provide your first name, last initial, and email address .and any other feedback you care to provide.  If you are aware of any accessibility issues faced by your group or yourself please include that as well.