General Service Reps Meeting Minutes – April 19, 2021

General Service Reps Meeting
April 19, 2021
Virtual Meeting
Opened with Declaration of Unity
Minutes were screen shared from the last meeting. Motion to accept was passed
Melanie – Website Chair
• did an overview of the website
• changed 3rd party host provider over to her
• added new informational pages (i.e., Covid Info)
• calendar maintenance
• committee and officer anonymous email addresses
• measures and monitors website hits
• website is designed to be a resource of events (flyers) and access to archival documents which includes contact information
• we do not maintain calendar for Nassau County General Service or for individual groups
• website is updated weekly
Recent Anniversaries :
Marty – April 25th – 34 years
Steve S – April 12th – 24 years
Deb S – April 18th – 8 years
Issues in Home Groups:
Q- are we allowed to serve coffee
Hybrid meetings – 6 agenda items for online meetings on the Delegates Questionnaire, the question is: is there guidance for this member to pass on to his group.
They were both directed to the website to review “Pandemic Guidance “
Jim M – Nassau Intergroup Chair
• Virtual meetings on the zoom platform were okayed by NUMC, an account was set up
• looking for an outdoor event for the summer perhaps a picnic or share-a-day for August 22 in Eisenhower Park
• Should Intergroup provide medallions ? Inventory of non AA items is an issue
• looking at proposed changes to bylaws
• use meeting change form to keep us updated of changes to your group
Karen K – Treasurer’s Report
Screen shared the report
• Revenue for February $734.10
March revenue $950.60
• % for budget is 23% which doesn’t include $1,193.00
• expenses for zoom, orientation packages are well below 25%
• we are not spending very much money
• $21 will be reimbursed for NERAASA for those that want it
Motion to accept passed
Marty – DCMC Report
• since February we attended NERAASA, our Regional Trustee Francis gave a report regarding GSO
• thé International Convention was cancelled and $1.5 million was returned
• the 7th tradition contribution is up $2 million since 2019
• you can individually donate from $5 to $5,000 to GSO. There is no limited amount from the groups
• we attended the SENY Convention – thank you to those that participated in our time slot
• 71st General Service Conference  is 4/18 – 4/24. A US trustee at large will be elected. Coleen’s name was submitted for a term of 4 years
• please ensure you check your SPAM folder for emails or check with Chris L the Technology Officer if you are not receiving these emails
• upcoming event is NERF from 6/4 through June 6. A mass email will be sent about this event
• Concept 9 states: leadership in AA is always a vital need
Ann – 1st Alt DCMC
• welcomed new GSR’s
• we need DCM’s – see our map for the districts which are divided into clusters
• the requirements for this positions GSR experience. The DCM runs a district meeting virtually either 1x a month or every other month. GSR’s are invited to attend meetings in their cluster
•Raquel just took districts 208, 209 and 211
• how we run our business is outlined in the 3 legacies:
– Tradition 5 is why we are here
– Tradition 1 and 12 are about humility
– Tradition 2 is about faith
• We use “Robert’s Rules of Order” for who votes. The GSR’s can vote. The Alt GSR can only vote in the GSR’s absence. Elected Officers and Committee Chairs get 1 vote
Steve S – 2nd Alt DCMC
• duties include liaison with LICYPAA and Al-Anon
• May 15 is a kickball tournament presented by LICYPAA. Steve distributed flyers
• April 24th was a Poetry Slam
• Al-Anon and Nassau General Service will get together to plan a joint program in High Schools to reach the affected and the afflicted population. This will include CPC/PI members
Chris L – Technical Communications Officer
• nothing to report at this time
Raquel – DCM – Districts 208, 209 and 211
• Justin has been assisting her and she will seek help from Melanie our webmaster
• she has been attending groups in her districts to get more participation. They have very little understanding as to why we need GSR’s
• gave background on the questionnaire – beautiful response from the groups
Joe – Treatment Chair  – Absent
Barbara – Intergroup liaison for SENY
• attended assembly on 4/10
• Tom our delegate attended the conference and shared a video on the Big Book vocabulary and it’s’ legacy. If you would like a copy of his presentation go to
• the Delegates questionnaire was discussed. Tom was able to answer questions from the GSR’s
• we are still working on the website in regards to sharing documents and contact lists in SENY including
• discussion was held on virtual meetings and meeting directories. We will not be printing any at this time.
Barbara A – Unity Breakfast
Chris H – Service Sponsorship (stand alone position)
• the Service Manual describes the chairs and committees
• there are pamphlets for every job in AA. The most important pamphlet is the GSR pamphlet
• we can go where Intergroup can’t
i.e., county jails. There are 57 NY prisons and we have the Bridging the Gap program
Jim C – Archives Chair
• participated in the annual (4/3) SENY Archived workshop which celebrated the Big  Book
• latest edition to archives is the Nassau County General Service group inventory
Linda D – Grapevine Chair
• since we last met we had $56 leftover from 2020. We used this to but 2 “Carry the Message” subscriptions
• attended SENY Grapevine meeting on 4/7
• contributions are down for purchasing Grapevine
• there are 2 new books:
Free on the Inside and the Spanish version of Women in AA
• July we will have a grapevine writing workshop as well as the NYSIW will be held in July
Nadine – Corrections Chair had to leave early
Mario – Hispanic District – absent
Kristen CPC – absent. 5/3 is their committee meeting
Ken – PI – absent
Mike – Accessibilities absent, recovering from surgery
• we reached out to Nassau County Commission for the Blind
• We have the possibility of panel presentations to the commision
• chairs from other counties attended as did social workers
• etiquette on Braille and how to speak to the blind was discussed
Regine – L.I.S.T.S.
• ad-hoc committee will probably be virtual. No date yet
New Business
•$1,193 from our budget and other districts (202 and 216) we have to disperse these funds. The bank closed. Marty put this in the General Service Bank account. No group conscience achieved. This is tabled
•Ann G – we are in discussions for attaining Insurance – can we use this for Insurance?
• Paul suggests we hold on to the money in escrow and perhaps return it to the clusters in the future – discussion tabled to June
Karen K and Chris H – explore meeting places. Form an adhoc committee to explore this. Motion seconded and passed
Important dates:
• concepts 5 & 6 on May 17th at this virtual address
• GSR meeting – June 21
• Unity Breakfast – June 27
Closed with the Responsibility Statement
This report of the minutes is being distributed by Deb S